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Q. - Is Astrology a science or not ?
A - Yes it is absolutely a science, it is related to Astro physics, Astronomy, and Bio medical sciences. Itís a super natural science and combination of sciences.

Q. - Why is male & female horoscopes necessary in marriages ?
A - A male and female setup a small unit of family and they are related to the different family genetic cycle. For combination of their magnetic fields it is necessary that their horoscopes should be matched before marriage.

Q. - What is horoscope and why itís a need for human beings ?
A - A horoscope is a map of a body, through this each and every thing about the bodyís good or bad time can be known .

Q. - What is the basic reason behind separations ?
A - If there is no coordination between the north and south pole of an individual body then separation occurs with life partner ,friends, business partners and the society members.

Q. - Why do love marriages not succeed in the long run ?
A - Generally those males and females have a love marriage, they are attracted physically, wealth, status and reputation ,due to lack of their magnetic coordination their marriages do not succeed.

Q. - What is the need of preparing the horoscopes ?
A - If a map of a body known as astronomical horoscope is prepared properly then each and every thing can be diagnosed properly.

Q. - Is it possible to cure any disease in Astrology ?
A - Yes if the concerned personís datas is accurate then it can be easily found out that there is recovery or not from the disease and recovery slow or fast if there is no recovery then where and which part of the Earth concerning personís magnet gets better recovery and which mode of treatment should be given to the patient.

Q. - Why a person is good for one and bad for others ?
A - A person can be good for one and bad for others ,because if an individual bodyís poles have combination then they can be good and if there is no combination then they can be bad. It is related only to the body magnets. If both the bodies magnetic fields have coordination then they can be good friends.

Q. - What is the reality of Sade Sati ( seven and half years transitory movement ) of Saturn ?
A - There is no effect of Saturnís sade sati, because this is a traditional system and not scintific and it is related to moonís position. At the time of birth the moon transiting in a sign that sign is known as Rasi and when Saturn transiting in moonís signís twelth house then the saturn sade sati period operates and upto the IInd house of the moonís sign saturn completes seven and half years this is called sade sati. In one moonís sign there are millionaire people who take birth all over the world they are not affected in the same manner ,and the planet saturn is not responsible for that.

Q. - Explain about the role of Mars in marriages and why call mangli ?
A - Since long in India the planet Mars placement in the horoscopes of both the males and females is seen minutely. If both the horoscopes of this planetís placement is well then there is combination if there is no combination then the horoscopes are not matched. The planet Mars in any horoscopeís IInd, VIIth,VIIIth and XIIth house is known as mangli.

Q. - What is the role of Planets in anger and irritation and what is its remedy ?
A - The planet Sun and Mars are responsible for excess energy in a body. If these planets placement in Ist house,IIIrd house Vth house and the Xth house the concerned person develops excess energy. If this energy is properly utilised then there is no problem and if it is not utilised then anger,irritation,excitement can occur.

Q. - Which Planet is responsible in asthma and is there any cure in Astrology ?
A - The Planet Moon , Mars, and Jupiter and their combination in an individualís horoscope are responsible for asthma. When properly diagnosed then on the basis of bodyís recovery system and its location proper treatment is given.

Q. - What does the Astro diagnosis system say ?
A - Astro diagnosis system is such a new system through which any thing can be predicted properly .

Q. - If a person has no accurate datas i.e., date, time & place of birth then how can he know about himself ?
A - If a person has no datas he can give his kids datas through this each and every thing can be predicted about himself.

Q. - What effects of latitudes and longitudes is in every human being ?
A - At the time of birth where and which part of the Earth a body takes birth and which part of the Earth because the Earth is divided into two parts i.e. Eastern and western longitudes and every part of the Earth has different latitudes and longitudes thatís why a bodyís place of birth latitude and longitude is important for body measurment.

Q. - Which Planet is responsible in love affairs ?
A - Venus, Moon planets are responsible for love affairs.

Q. - Is there any cure in Aids, Cancer and severe diseases and how astrology helps such patients ?
A - Yes obviously. It is important to see first of all whether there is recovery or not and in which part of the earth there is recovery without analysing astronomical chart no one can diagnose properly thatís why Astrology helps in diagnosing these types of ailments.

Q. - Which Planets are responsible for marriages ?
A - Mars and Venus planets are responsile for marriages.

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